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Presencing Institute

We are excited to announce that the U-school Ecosystem Leadership Program (ELP) will run for the first time in the Asia Pacific region! This program is designed for changemakers and innovators across sectors.

The first module will be hosted on August 13-16, 2024 at Kura Kura Bali, Serangan, Bali, Indonesia.

The ELP is structured as a two-year cycle of three modules that can be taken independently or as part of the whole ELP cycle, aligned with the pathways of certification of the U-school for Transformation. This program is for those seeking positive change in their organizations, places, and communities.

Whether you have been practicing awareness-based systems change for years and would like to contribute to this movement and practice or encounter this framework and these methods for the first time, this program will be relevant. This will be our first collective step in an ecosystem and movement-building journey of action learning.

We will co-create the foundations for a better Asia Pacific for the world, grounded in our specific places and fields of work. Otto Scharmer (MIT senior lecturer and thought leader behind Theory U) and other faculty from the Presencing Institute (PI), United in Diversity (UID) and The Rizal Academy for Innovation and Leadership (TRAIL) will design and facilitate this program.


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Otto Scharmer

Senior Lecturer

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    23 Jul 2024 - 16 Aug 2024
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    Kura Kura Bali